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Here in America, we tend to discuss the “exotic” delicacies of other countries in the world. However, what we sometimes tend to forget is that we have our own interesting recipes that other countries surely scratch their heads at. So before we go and start questioning some of the meals around the world, let’s a look at some of the most exotic food choices we have here in our own backyard.


Olive Loaf

To anyone who has never tried olive loaf, it can definitely seem like a strange concept especially at first glance. The ingredients for olive loaf usually involves meat blends, spices, green olives, and water. It is often made with beef and pork, but can also be made with chicken and turkey and then blended with green olives. Black olives are not used due to firmness and aesthetic appeal. The way they make olive loaf is similar to that of bologna but tends to have a different taste depending on the spices used.



This interesting dish has to be Googled to be believed. Koolickles are basically pickles brined in the various flavors of Kool-Aid powder. This exotic choice is mostly found in the Delta region of Mississippi. They are usually at the corner Double Quick store, or during the Delta blues season, they can be found at food stands like Detective Sledge’s which show up along the highways leading to Clarksdale.


Deep-Fried Butter

Here in America, we will look to deep fry almost anything. There’s deep-fried ice cream, deep-fried Oreos and now deep-fried butter. Deep-fried butter is exactly what you can imagine it to be, butter covered in breading which is then deep-fried. This dish is served at several different fairs here in the United States, particularly the State Fair of Texas in Dallas and the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. As expected it has a very distinct buttery flavor, though some have compared it to that of French Toast.


Pickled Pigs Feet

Similarly to the way we tend to deep fry most everything, we also like to pickle many items as well. From pickled eggs to pickled beets, soaking food in pickle juice can be as American as apple pie. The Southern delicacy of pickled pigs feet is very popular in the region. Typically, the feet of hogs are salted and smoked in the same way as other pork cuts like ham and bacon, and it is common to preserve them similarly to home canning and the process for pickled vegetables where the saturation of hot vinegar brine is used. This method allows them to be preserved with refrigeration until the jar is opened.