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Terri Wattawa

Food Blog

Throughout her life, one of Terri Wattawa’s biggest passions has been food—both cooking and exploring new restaurants.

Terri loves inviting friends and family over to try new recipes that she prepares. Her biggest inspiration for finding new recipes is Pinterest. When it comes to eating out, Terri makes a point to eat at local restaurants rather than chains. Supporting local businesses and the community is important to Terri and her family. Although Terri doesn’t often travel, whenever she does visit a new destination her favorite part of the trip is usually eating at popular restaurants in the area.

Sushi and Hawaiian Poke are Terri Wattawa’s favorite types of food. Poke is a type of fish salad that is becoming increasingly popular across the United States. Terri was fortunate enough to visit Hawaii recently and eat poke at some of the state’s best restaurants. Over the years Terri has also traveled to California, Washington, and Oregon. During each trip, she and her family got the opportunity to dine at some wonderful restaurants.

Professional Overview

Terri Wattawa is an education professional with over two decades of experience. As a child, Terri knew that she would one day pursue a career in education. Both of her grandmothers were teachers—one taught sixth grade English, and the other was a second-grade elementary teacher. Terri’s decision to study science was influenced by her fascination with the natural world. In 1995 she graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Biological Sciences. In addition to her undergraduate degree, Terri also has a Masters in Secondary Education/Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Arizona University and an Ed.D. in Educational Supervision and Administration from Arizona State University.

Whether working in the classroom as an instructor or employed in an administrative role, Terri Wattawa’s focus has always been on providing students with the best learning environment possible. In the classroom, Terri encourages her students to ask questions and interact with each other rather than just lecturing. She believes that this approach helps students grow as much as possible. While schools provide students with education, they also serve as community builders. Traditionally students had to be in the classroom to feel like they were part of a community. However, today’s technology makes it possible for students to interact with each other and build a community from miles away. This trend makes Terri excited about the future of education.